Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Operation Desert Wind

Good grief, I ache and feel twice my age - the rewards from squatting in the bathroom for two days, applying undercoat to woodwork. At 8am this morning I could be found in the decorating section of B&Q, buying a grout removing knife (no girl should be without one) and quite enjoying browsing in the paint aisles. I was in hot pursuit of the perfect neutral shade for the woodwork top coat. It's unbelievable how many shades of not-white there are. Actually I love paint charts and match pots, shade names and all those paint compant websites. I am exactly the kind of customer the whole industry is aimed at. I decided on Desert Wind, but I'm worried that I should have had Mainsail or Lotus Blossom or gone for Hint of Haemorrhoid...


I was just setling down this afternoon, enjoying the sound of yet another torrential downpour, to have a serious browse through the new Rowan magazine when the parcel post arrived with two new books I'd forgotten I had pre-ordered from Amazon.

Simply Shetland and Simply Shetland 2 are both gorgeous books. The designs are mostly lovely, the articles are interesting and the photography and presentation are beautiful.

Beautiful is not a word that comes to mind here though. A proper look at the Rowan magazine confirms the utter ugliness of this item:

but, on the whole the patterns are nicer than the last issue (or maybe 'Flora McDonald meets Eowyn of Rohan' is just more me than 'Tribal' was) and I do love this:

It's Wraparound and I'm adding it to the 'to knit' pile - maybe in just one colour. Actually, I'm tempted to replace Hex, which I was going to do for the AK knitalong, with this as I think I will probably get more wear out of it.



Hi! Enjoyed reading your blog! Knitting and flowers-perfect together!

rho said...

Oh I like the wraparound -- where exactly was that? I might consider doing something like that instead of the sweater that AK is thinking about doing - -not that fond of that one. But it has to get much cooler here before I could consider doing it.

Gill said...

Hi - Wraparound is from the latest Rowan Knitting magazine. I can identify with the heat problems - all I can handle is cotton at the moment.