Monday, August 14, 2006

We admitted we were powerless over our yarn

- that our stash had become unmanageable.
Confession is good for the soul so here goes...

This morning I put my hand into my knitting bag to find a horrible, soggy mess. Over the course of the family visit, a can of watermelon flavoured tango appears to have been upended and has poured into the storage box which houses some of my 'downstairs stash' and to have finished upside down into my knitting bag. After lots of cursing and a fair amount of getting upset I sat down to sort it all out and undo the damage. A skein of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock and three balls of Kureyon had to be washed along with the knitting bag, but everything else was protected by plastic. What horrified me was the extent of the accumulation down there. This is just the stuff that is closer to the needles than the stash upstairs. It lives in my knitting bag (really close to the needles), an open African basket beside my end of the sofa (likely to make it to the needles sometime over the next year or so) and in a walnut open work hamper which masquerades as an end table (proximity to needles? - who am I kidding?). I daren't even itemise how much yarn there is upstairs.

Time for a sort out then.

I transferred much of the hamper contents into a (nother) 35 litre plastic tub with a lid - my favourite stash storage - and moved it upstairs with the rest, had a good look at some of the remaining yarn and threw some old bits away! Acrylic baby yarn, lots of knotted ends of kureyon from a long abandoned project and a front from a Triangle Tango in Collinette Point 5. (She said, defiantly)

I've had an honest look at WIPs too:

J's Rowan Denim sweater - this is to be my penance for the accumulation of yarn:

Rowan Froth scarf:

Opal cotton and silk sock:

Bombshell: (I'm doing quite well on this, but each round is about 400 stitches now, so it's slow going.)

Jaywalker sock - probably to be frogged as it's too thick and stiff a fabric:

San Francisco Shirttail, front completed:

I am making a commitment to getting these finished before I make a start on anything else...with the exception, perhaps, of these:

Chunky baby alpaca - the softest yarn I have ever handled. Intended for a lace pattern scarf.

Moiselle and Sari Ribbon, intended for a scarf to go with a green tweed suit I bought for Autumn.


Remember what I said about not knitting anything else for my niece? This picture arrived on my phone this morning:

Maybe I'll reconsider :)


rho said...

oh euwww on the tango splashed yarn but awhhhhh on the niece in the sweater -- she looks so happy in it.

Anonymous said...

I think I would collapse if that happened to my stash! At least you managed to salvage it and make use of the unfortunate event.
Your neice looks great!
Your Secret Pal