Sunday, August 06, 2006

Today's little run out

As we were getting in the car for one of J's 'little run out's (I love them, usually take ages, go miles and involve tea shops) we saw the first dragonfly to hatch from the pond that we have seen this year. It was sitting in the malus, drying its wings. This is a dreadful picture, but it was very high up.

After that we drove across the moors to Sandsend and back along the coast, dropping into Staithes for a walk down to the harbour. Not an ideal activity perhaps, during a flare-up given the steepness of the hill, but lovely just the same.

We walked out along the new sea defences, remarking how hot it was, here, on the North East coast. Almost unheard of.

If I had to live there, I'd like to live in the house with the ferns.

Staithes used to be a fishing port and was home to Captain James Cook from the age of 16 when he worked in a shop there and had his interest in the sea kindled.
The old methodist chapel has been converted into a museum to Cook. It's full of wierd and wonderful objects and photographs and there are some bits of knitting history too.


Yvonne said...

I haven't been to Staithes in years - lovely to see the photos

Emma said...

You walked down,and then UP,the bank ? !!!
Crickey !
Hasn't it been hot & muggy ? I know I keep saying it,but we must arrange that visit. Once I recover from post replacement window trauma,and shock over the hole in the bathroom wall !

rho said...

sometimes it is worth doing things in flares even if you pay for it later -- and I just fell in love with that town. I would take any of those houses to live in. :D

Barbara-Kay said...

I look forward to your little trips almost as much as you do - thanks for the lovely pictures and narrative!

Gill said...

Staithes is gorgeous - I went down the hill without any problems, momentum and a low centre of gravity being on my side ;)but had to stop twice on the way back up to pretend to admire the view. I wasn't the only one, though.

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