Wednesday, August 16, 2006

All around the blooming heather

It's typical, isn't it? J has a day off, we don't need to set the alarm and I wake up at 6:42am. I was worrying a bit about a doctor's appointment I had this morning, to be honest.
I've been suffering from what's come to be known as 'old lady feet' - my ankles and feet have been swelling. It's not nice and it's not pretty. It's easy to put everything odd that happens to my body down to the Fibro, but this one has been niggling at me for a while. Left ventricular failure? Undiagnosed tumour? Lymph problems? I was a registered nurse for 15 years and consequently never get headaches, just brain tumours.
So, I'm at the doctor's again and have blood work done and hand in a urine sample. BP is ok, chest and heart are ok, lymph nodes seem ok. Probably just my Fibro. Feet are the same, but I feel better about it. What will this have in store for me next?

Hopefully not 'sheep legs'

As an antidote to this, we made j get up earlier than he likes and all went off to Danby show. I love all the agricultural shows within easy reach of us in the Summer. I love the sheep, cattle, rabbits and fancy pigeons. I love the crafts and giant vegetables. I love the beer tents and icecream. What I'm not so keen on is the Pony Club set and the pro-hunt lobby/Countryside Alliance presence. (Politics on sleeve time.) I have no problem with hunting to eat. I have no problem with the arguments that the fox population needs to be managed. But I can't see why it has to be done in a way that terrifies the fox - chasing it with horses and hounds. It may be a proud old countryside tradition, but so were burning witches, use of the scold's bridle and droit de seigneur...

Anyway - I talked with a girl spinning with a wheel and bought some of her yarn.

We looked at the sheep and cattle.

And drove home over the moors. I love North Yorkshire at this time of the year - it's mostly purple, my favourite colour.

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Molly Morrison said...

Wow, that scenery is gorgeous!! Purple is my favorite color, too, and I would love to live by fields like that. :-)