Sunday, August 20, 2006

Dark skies overhead

but at one end of the garden today it's still the height of summer:

The white agapanthus and the cannas are flowering really well, which disguises the fact that the hanging baskets and morning glories are going back fast.

While down at the woodland end, it's starting to become autumn:

The rowan is laden with berries,

the Japanese anenomes have come into flower (although I can't find the white ones I thought we had planted last year)

the copper flowered, bronze foliaged dahlias are picking up

and it's a race to the blackberries between me and the blackbirds.

J is splitting up a lot of our bigger perennials and potting up the bits we can't use - he has a cunning plan to get a stall at an unusual plants fair next spring - goodness knows we've seen enough people making money at it this year. Problem is, he keeps giving everything away to family, friends and neighbours. We were talking about our favourite nurseries the other day and my brother said 'Actually, I get most of my plants from J.'


We went car booting this afternoon. The weather was threatening rain again so we didn't expect many stalls, but we got some good bits and pieces: 32 1906-1916 French greetings postcards - I've been brushing up my French trying to decode the messages and a Tremar teapot, which matches the sugar bowl and milk jug I already have. I love car boot sales, auctions etc.


Finally to the beach. We raced the weather over to South Gare and then headed through the storm and out the other side. I think we would probably enjoy storm chasing (if I wasn't so middle-aged and concerned about things like insurance and getting back for tea.) These pictures are of the storm hitting Warrenby steelworks across the other side of the mouth of the Tees. I like the colours and the skies reminded me a little of Len Tabner. How I would love one of his paintings!


My resolve disappeared during the X Factor audition show yesterday evening :) I broke into some new yarn and started a scarf. It's a mix of Louisa Harding Sari Ribbon and (Wendy?) Moiselle. I'm using my old favourite Seafoam Stitch and I love the way it's looking.
I've been experimenting by wearing my new Armadillo magnetic wristband in an "I'll try anything" attempt to relieve the fibro ache. Unfortunately, the velcro seems to be a magnet for the homespun element of the Moiselle, so I'm getting all fluffy.

Although this picture of Paddy, our Uromastyx, is slightly out of focus, you can clearly see the disapproval of my actions and the look that says 'Serves you right.' on her face...


LornaJay said...

Lovely storm photos. If there's someone who paints like that, I'd like one too!

How big is that Uromastyx of yours? I'd never heard of them, and from googling they seem to be fairly unusual as pets....

Barbara-Kay said...

Well, I, too, had to go to to find out about Paddy. She(?)'s a big change from the 3 Siamese that patrol our house!

Loved the flower pictures. I meet new varieties every time you post. So that's what a Rowan looks like, when it's not "yarnish".