Saturday, August 26, 2006

Lights, camera...

The beach at Redcar is littered with small fragments of charred paper today. If you look closely enough, the remaining visible text is printed in French.

If you wander along the beach you will come across carelessly discarded corpses and broken furniture piled up against sandbags.

Keep going and you arrive in 1941 on the North coast of France.

No timewarp - Working title and Joe Wright, who directed Pride and Prejudice, are making a film version of Ian McEwan's book Atonement and Redcar is doubling for wartime France and doing a good job too, with the help of some fake frontages and make-overs for the existing buildings.

Redcar was chosen for it's undeveloped esplanade and seafront properties. The town isn't taking a fee for it's appearance (although if I lived in one of the seafront buildings I would want to be paid), hoping that interest will increase the number of visitors to the town and there were plenty of people watching the film crew at work with us. To be honest, they need to work harder than that. The seafront is nice enough, but the town centre is looking very rundown.


I have a finished object to report!

Bombshell from Big Girl Knits is done.

I like the shape of the sweater, but swear I will never knit anything in Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora ever, ever, ever again. I've been racking my brain and I think this has to have been the worst yarn experience of my knitting life so far. The shedding has irritated everyone who has come near it and I still feel like I might cough up a hairball any time now.
In order to try and fix the fuzz problem I washed the sweater as part of the 'blocking' process. No real improvement, a hairy bra and the washer has a hairball too.


Reluctant Penguin said...

Nice job on the sweater! And it looks great on you. I saw the sweater in the book but passed on it because I didn't think I would like such a low neckline, but after seeing how it looks on you I might give it a try and just attempt a modification of the pattern. In another yarn of course.

Thanks for the tip about the cotton angora. I also have a "worst yarn ever" that I will never, never, never use again -- Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille. I had to go down to size 2 needles to get a decent fabric, and it actually hurts to knit more than three or four rows at a time. Thank goodness it is just a baby sweater!

Barbara-Kay said...

I tamed some vintage Alpaca with creme rinse (intended for hair). At the very worst, it could be softer and shed a lot! Perhaps 'twill help?

rho said...

The sweater looks great on -- sorry I don't have any advice for the shedding. But it sure does look good.

Ariadne said...

wow, that is fabulous! The color is great on you. I'm thinking of knitting that in the near have made me want to drop the cardigan and get started on the bombshell.

lazylol said...

Oh I'd heard about the filming in Redcar, I must get up there and have a look when I am visiting my brother up there.

The sweater looks great - I am learning to knit at the moment and am working on my first scarf.