Friday, August 04, 2006

Dress down Friday

Still in my pyjamas.

Well, just when I was resting and letting my sore bod recover from my bathroom decorating endeavours (I can now remove old grout and regrout - if the bottom ever falls out of the headteachering market I am now skilled to take on a position as a tiler's mate) I pulled all sorts of muscles howling with laughter at this:

What were they thinking? Where would you wear them? Can you imagine how itchy they would be? Full link here

I'm spending a lazy day catching up with knitting, pottering and latte drinking today and have made a pan full of chocolate brownies in preparation. At the moment, I'm up in the study messing about with an animation I started earlier in the year and never got chance to edit properly - I love my Mac. I'm really enjoying having some time with j now that both our schools are on holiday. He's into nocturnal holiday mode now, but there's something comforting about his signature sound: whirring PC fans and rhythmical sleep breathing coming from his room next door to the study as I potter.
He'd kill me if he knew about this photo, which I'm entitling What I did on my holidays by j

I'm also exploring eBay for unspotted bargains in yarn and handbags and studio pottery, but I can't say what kind in case someone beats me to them!

Might even get dressed at some point...

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Yvonne said...

Thanks for that -I just sprayed coffee all over my ibook!