Monday, August 21, 2006

Confined to barracks

J had a flat battery this morning, which wouldn't respond to jump starting so he took my car. I hadn't really planned to go anywhere today, but it's amazing how having no transport can make you think of lots of places you need to go. Used the time productively - caught up with paperwork, including a tax return (early!) and renewing liability insurance (early too!), which made me feel a lightness of being afterwards.

Then I spent 15 minutes on hold for our dental practice and tried to get a routine appointment. Earliest I could manage was 12th October! So I made our next appointments for April 2007 too in an attempt to book early. This is a PRIVATE dentist, who we have to pay simply to stay on his list. God help all those poor souls trying to get NHS treatment. The state of NHS dentists in England is one of the biggest health care outcries of our time...added to the MRSA outcry...and today's bowel cancer drug outcry...
Without being flippant, Kim and Aggie are doing a programme from a hospital this week, I'm glad I don't work for the NHS any more.

I posted a picture of Paddy, our Uromastyx, yesterday. She's 4 years old, 10 inches long and still growing. We have leopard gekkos and White's Australian Tree Frogs too.

We have had three Bearded Dragons in our time too: lovely animals all - the golden retrievers of the lizard world! :) We don't have any currently as losing each has been very traumatic and upsetting and we can't go through it again. This guy was our favourite. Bob, sitting on his favourite log. He had such a sweet nature and would sit on the back of the sofa all day (sometimes with our cat, Spike, now also gone, oh dear, this is in danger of getting really sad.)

Changing the subject quickly, I've been looking at some of Len Tabner's paintings online. Can't afford one in the flesh, as it were. He was born in Southbank (see the post about buying the bedframe) and lives near Staithes (see post about Staithes). I know someone who swapped some land they owned behind his cottage for a painting. They definitely got the best end of the deal. Here's some of his work.


I enjoyed SP8 so much that I've decided to have a go at another swap this Autumn. Nothing too involved. I've signed up for International Sweater Exchange 3 and have immediately become niggled by doubts about the quality of my work being judged by others ;)

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