Thursday, July 26, 2007

Did it rain on St Swithin's day?

Torrential rain again most of today. Only went out as far as the hairdressers with j. He's had about 10 inches of hair cut off! It's very nice now - quite odd to be able to see him again as he used to wear it completely over his face. However, I'm not allowed to take his picture.

Had a visit from J's community cardiac nurse specialist today. She was very helpful and was able to reassure him about all of his concerns and questions. She also managed to persuade him to join her excercise sessions at our local sports centre. Then she told me I could join too, so I will.

We're off to this tomorrow, weather permitting. I love flower shows. We are not planning to buy any plants this year as J isn't up to putting any in just yet. Hopefully there might be other nice things to buy!

We snatched this shot of the 'seaside' area of our garden as the last of the afternoon sun hit it yesterday


rho said...

Your garden is BRILLIANT!!! I need you here to do mine :D

Have a ball at the flower show you will get some good ideas and the outing will be so much fun.

darn I just bet that j is incredibly handsome now that you can see him too....

zippiknits said...

What a beautiful garden you have in your seaside garden. Hope you had a great time at the flower show yesterday.

Rebecca said...

Oh my....I just had to LAUGH when I saw that Narcissa Bladvak had been posting on your site! If you would like me to help you fix this wizzardly lady from signing her name on your blog then please contact me! I think you know where to reach me, right? Over at HSS2.