Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Doing well

J is doing well. He has been able to walk to the bathroom today, which is how he is measuring success :) He's pain free, but feels bruised. He has had an echo cardiograph which shows less damage than we thought. The clot has been successfully dissolved and we hope he may be moved from Cardiac Care to a ward tomorrow.

We are counting our blessings as a family and reassessing the way we live. J and I are 'workaholics', well, driven, he says. We need more family time and less hurry.

Today I went shopping and filled up a trolley with our new approach to eating. It looked fairly depressing, but I have no choice to learn to love it!

Thank you for the good wishes and prayers.


rho said...

More family time and less hurry is a GOOD thing -- it will just take a short while to get used to it -

Now on the new eating plan - how about looking at it as a chance to experiment with new flavors and foods -- drop me a note with what is in it and maybe we can work together on coming up with yummy good things - we can do with a better diet too ya know.

try try try to take some down time for you - to avoid a huge flare k?

Barbara-Kay said...

Praise God for healing blessings!

I worked as a cardiac RN for many years, and we taught our patients to replace the "flavor" of high-fat foods with lots of herbs and spices. Explore this idea as you change lifestyles -- try it, you'll like it!

Liana said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time in your life. I'm sure lots of prayers are being sent your way even from across the pond.
I had a life-threatening car accident 10 years ago and it really made me look at life differently. I no longer let work control my life and I think we should all take on that attitude. Hopefully you have your knitting with you at the hospital.