Saturday, July 28, 2007

I know I said we wouldn't,

but how could we go to Gateshead Flower Show and not buy anything?

How could we resist puprple angelica?

Or this pelargonium?

We've been doing some more tidying in the garden yesterday and today. If we do an hour every day it will be manageable without J worrying that it's going to get away from him whilst he can't do everything himself.

Walking has settled into our daily routine. Today we were out on Seaton Dunes.
Warm and windy - great skies.

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Anonymous said...

What remarkabke purple blooms. Wish there was more scope for gardening here. Glad J is so much better. I know you like to knit slightly fitted items. Have you seen the French Girl pattern called Fifi It really is pretty. I'd like to knit it but worry about the middle aged spread bulge. I can't visualise myself in it being short and dumpy but like it so much that I'm going to have a go.
Janet MF in YK