Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Normal-ish service is being resumed

J has been home since Monday and is doing well. We have a heart attack recovery manual and a programme of increased activity each day. We're working on the stress issues in our life.
He's rescheduled all of his current work. All of his clients were more than happy to wait for him rather than get anyone else. (Even after he explained that he will not be working for some time). We're pleased by this - it's quite a touching testimony to his work and client-base.
I've been back to work this week, but working only a few hours through the middle of the day. That way I get to see J is ok, take j to school and pick him up again. I work for a Local Authority and the rule is: 2 days paid compassionate leave for the serious illness of a close relative. Big deal! If you need more you have to take it as unpaid or send in a sick note saying that you're stressed or something similar. I have had my two days plus much more - my boss is a man with a soul.

Time to sit back and smell the jasmine!

I'll post a picture of my 'hospital knitting' soon.


rho said...

YEA!! Welcome home J

Barbara-Kay said...

Thank you so much for posting the good news!