Saturday, July 14, 2007

Glad it's the weekend

Recovery is going well. J is walking, exercising and getting through all those feelings of fragility that must accompany such an experience. It's amazing how cardiac rehabilitation has changed since I left nursing 7 years ago - not that I did much cardiology; I used to work on a surgical unit.

His daughter, K, came up to visit from Canterbury in Kent, where she lives with her partner and son. It was nice to see her - it's been a while. j enjoyed spending some time with her too.

My hospital socks are nearly finished. I must admit I put them asside a bit this week. I've decided to sign up for the Hogwarts Sock Swap 2 as I await the book and a chance to see the movie.

As we head towards the last week of term, I'm also planning for 6 weeks or R & R at home. I'm intrigued by chunky books. They seem to offer all the possibilities afforded by scrapbooking, but without the twee-ness of all that horrible stuff I've seen on QVC. Apologies, if you're into that, but I'm much more attracted by things like this. I'm hoping to join a swap, working on an Autumn-themed book, at swapbot, but if I don't get on it, I'll still do the book.

I'll finish with a picture of some wild orchids we saw this morning down at North Gare. Lovely!

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