Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Nowt but muck!

This morning we found a farm shop we'd never noticed before. J asked, "Is it all organic?" The owner answered "Nowt but muck here!" Very reassuring. Brought home far more fruit and veg than we intended. It's easy to get carried away in these places - everything looks so good.

So... organic vegetable soup (butternut squash, leeks, potato, carrot, turnip) with organic bread; organic stewed rhubarb and custard (not organic - Ambrosia from a tetrapak, my home made custard is vile) for dinner. Everything is washed and stowed away. Only got a big bag of peas to shell now.

Increased our walk to half an hour before dinner. We walked along the new coastal defences in Hartlepool. Parked in the car park were two small camper vans, not the huge RV kind, this kind. Both were driven by couples in their 60s. One couple were drinking coffee, the man from the other couple was walking the same path as us and his wife was knitting in the van. At times that seems like an idyllic retirement to me.


rho said...

Sounds like a perfect day - and those vegs YUM... Also you mentioned my favorite thing stewed rhubarb - I just love it and Rich doesn't so all the more for me when it is available. :D

Rowena Hopkirk said...

Oh, I haven't had rhubarb since I was a kid. I should fix that! It all looks wonderful. We have a shop called Whole Foods that sells some organic produce, but I really ought to check out the local farmers' market some day.

I've fantasized about living in an RV also, but I think as much as the travel, the aspect that appeals to me most is the simplicity of it. I have so much Stuff (much of which is Stash). Theoretically, I don't need to buy an RV so I can downsize...but it never seems to happen. Three years ago, I moved to an apartment from a house, gave away so many things, and gloried for a while in my relative lack of posessions. Now Things have piled up again. How does it all accumulate so quickly?