Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I've got muscles

...in my bum that I haven't remembered in years! Nothing really exciting going on, I'm simply joining J on his daily walk and exercise. It's amazing how sedentary my life has become. Excercise is a difficult one with Fibromyalgia. I'll keep going while I can. If he can do it so can I!

Today we drove to Sleights and walked around Perry's Unusual Plants on the Riverside. It was a lovely sunny day - odly, down in the Esk valley, their plants seem a few weeks ahead of ours at home. Their phlox is nearly over and ours is just getting going.

Two slightly disguised tasters, just in case anyone from Crochet/Knitted Scarf Swap drops by:

I like swapbot, but I do miss the blog-along cameraderie of a blog-based swap, like International Scarf Exchange. I missed Round 4 but am watching out for Round 5.

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Rowena Hopkirk said...

Lucky scarf recipients! If I'm able to keep up with the rest of life as I'm sock swapping, maybe I'll join another someday.

Good for you on getting excercise when it's challenging for you to find just the right balance - enough to actually excercise, without overdoing it. You go, girl!