Friday, July 06, 2007


After a very rapid recovery so far, J was due to come home today. Unfortunatley, last night he had some more chest pain - well he said soreness, but the Dr said it was either pain or it wasn't. :)

Anyway, he had to stay in and undergo a stress test - running on a treadmill. That would put me in CCU... The results are promising - he may have a narrowing of his coronary artery but no blockage and no more pain.

With a bit of luck he will be home tomorrow.


Emma said...

Crikey ! I missed that. We were away. Hope J continues to improve, and that you both are able to gear down a bit. Getting older is awful as the potential halth worries increase. I don't like it at all !
Go eat some oily fish ! Seriously, take good care of yourselves and try not to worry too much.

rho said...

I''m so glad you posted today I have been concerned with no news - I agree if I tried doing a stress test on a treadmill I would end up in CCU too.

And I agree with Emma get out the cod liver oil - I have to start again - as soon as I get some orange juice to chase it with - even the non taste ones need a chaser on general principal to me.... :D

oh good lord you should see the word verification I have to do - bet it takes more than once today ....

ruth said...

Hi Gill, just read your blog,
i'm really sorry about your hubbys heart attack. I pray for both of you and wish you well.
BTW I know you've better things to do right now but why dont you let the fibro gang know and they can support you if you wish.

best wishes